Commercial roll-up door problems and solutions

When installing the asta doors the first thought you get is that they should work properly so the business operations can work smoothly without getting interruptions. Other problems can be addressed but a roll-up door shouldn’t be one of them. to avoid this problem proper installation should be done.

When you are in the process of installing the door. You must read the manufacturer’s instructions very carefully and line by line so you don’t miss any step. There are still a lot of issues that occur over time so it is best for you if you can read these faults and solutions to these.

Common problems faced

If the door is getting stuck in opening or closing it can be happening for a variety of reasons. Read below carefully and understand what issue you might be facing

· Not properly leveled

A leveling tool should be used when installing a door so that this issue does not arise. Some people think that they have leveled the door but that is not the case. So, it is always best to keep a leveler by your side.

· Header Alignment

If the header is not properly aligned and may be too far or too close the header will not place at the arc which will result in uneven movement of the door.

· Tension in the spring

If you add extra tension in the spring by overturning the door more than recommended then this can cause the spring to break. It is best if you read the manufacturers before installing the door.

· Tight guide

If you make the guide too tight then the panel of the door will drag against the door which will result in difficulty to open or close the door.

· Damaged door sheets

The most commonly faced issue in the commercial sector is that over time the sheets get damaged. It’s also common in the commercial sector which uses heavy machinery which can damage or add a dent to the doors.

Solutions to roll-up door problems

If it’s been a long time since your doors were installed, then you should determine which problem you are facing from the above-mentioned problems. Most commonly the issues arise due to some fault during installation that shows at a later time.

Some manufacturers allow the spring tension to be manually adjusted while others don’t. for commercial roll-up doors, this does not happen as their size does not allow it. If you want to fix your commercial roll-up door it is best to call for help from a professional. Any mishandling can cause serious injuries or damages. Commercial door manufacturers like asta doors can help you in finding the right professional to help you with your problem.

Proper cleaning of the door can also help in unblocking the door if there is an issue in the blockage of the door. You can also replace the parts that are not working. If you have an automatic door and want it to work for you, maybe the remote is out of battery and just needs a change in batteries. If you change the batteries, it will be good to go.